Who Are We?

The name is a bit misleading. OneOddGamerGirl is a team of two nerds who review deaf accessibility in video games and sometimes write about mental health and games.

What started as a solo adventure after Susan rediscovered video games in 2014 (she played back in the 80’s and took a 30 year break) quickly changed when she realized just how inaccessible video games were and wanted to help other deaf gamers not waste money on games they couldn’t play. She teamed up with her best friend, Courtney, and together, they dissect and review a game’s deaf accessibility. So far they’ve reviewed over 80 games.

Susan provides the snark opinions and Courtney does the writing. Susan is Deaf and Courtney is hearing.

We are entirely self-funded (a little too niche to get any review keys, unfortunately) so if you enjoy or find our work useful, please consider contributing to our Ko-Fi so we can keep doing what we do.