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Welcome to my Blog Oneoddgamegirl, a favorite games reviews blog. I have grown up seeing most people sympathizing with me and my parents for my hearing impairments, and some girls in school and in the neighborhood bullying and making fun of my drawbacks. I used to cry for hours thinking what a miserable creature I am, but thankfully, God had sent a messiah in my life, that is my babysitter who taught me to believe in myself and helped me evolve despite my drawbacks. Today I write on gamer girl blog with quite an influence in the electronic media who writes about my favorite games, for, after all, games are all about watching and enjoying.

Benefits of Gaming and How It Helped my Condition

For the world, gaming is about recreation and hobby. For some, it might also be wastage of precious time. For me, my favorite games are something that changed my life entirely. Ever since I have myself been benefitted by playing my favorite games, I have to tell the girls and boys my age to resort into games. I began with a simple video game, that my babysitter suggested me to play (eventually it became my favorite game and still is), and in no time got so engrossed into it that I could sit hours sitting before my console and be happy about it. My parents when they saw me happy for the first time in my life, encouraged me more to play my favorite game. Gradually I snapped out of the depression that I was suffering from for a very long time. I started participating in the local gaming events and used to win every single one of them. My levels started rising and today I am a professional gamer who has almost forgotten about her deadly and sad past. So ps4 gamer girls, take your stand. The games are calling you.

Esport Games Taking Over the World

Esports has surpassed the popularity of all other kinds of sports throughout the world. it is only a few decades that esports has emerged as a professional gaming platform. In the late 1990s, the video games started entering the lives of the common people and gradually took the shape of gigantic esports tournaments in which top professional gamers from the entire world participates. These esport tournaments have prizes announced on them that are as gigantic as the event itself. The amount of the prize leads many online casinos to encourage betting on the games. the online casinos are legal casinos that offer a casino bonus for the beginners on betting. The casino bonus is usually in the form of no deposit welcome bonus that gives you a chance to play and win real money. You can start by visiting the Belgian site http://casinobonusbelge.com/. Besides esports betting, this website offers various casino games that you can try out.

My Favourite Games I Have Ever Played

Now this gamer girl will be revealing her favorite girl game that she has been telling about. My favorite game is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This game introduced me to the world of gaming, so this will always be my favorite game of all time. However, this Xbox one gamer girl also likes playing League of Legends online and other role-playing games. Hearthstone and Starcraft II has been in the list of my personal favorites too which I play very often with the girls. Maybe it seems strange, but lately, I also enjoy playing online poker. This card game that is easy to learn, but very hard to master, has become very popular among Esport players. For one because there are many similarities with Esport games and its very competitive, and another thing that attracts gamers is the possibility to win money if you are good. If you are intrigued to try poker, you can use no deposit bonuses from online casinos that can give you up to free $100, so you can start playing without risk.

Best MMORPG Games You Should Try

MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games are the genres among the online games that most numbers of players like playing.

  1. World of Warcraft: an action-packed online console game that can be played with multiple numbers of people through LAN or online connectivity. This is a role-playing game in which you can play a character and play as a team, choosing your activities and actions. You can decide what to do in order to save your clan and teammates. This game is played in the world esport tournaments.
  2. Maple Story 2: if you are not one of those who like the action but like to play soft toon games, this game is an absolute recommendation for you. It has a series of mini games in it which you play as per your choice with different characters of your choice.

I was really surprised by the slot game adaptation of these games. Not there only were fun, but the graphics were epic, and the pay lines lucrative. If you are intrigued, you can have a free demo using the latest free spins bonus offers. Read more about it here.

PC or Console Gaming?

Pc games have a few advantages over console games. They are:

  1. The shots on the pc games can be made faster due to the use of a mouse.
  2. Pc games are more artistic than console games
  3. They are more powerful than the latter

However, nothing comes foolproof as the pc games too have their own disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is the portability. You have to carry the entire pc to wherever you would like to play, with console games there is no such issue and can be enjoyed anywhere.