Betting on E-Sports Tournaments

Esports betting is not very different from traditional sports betting. It involves the same amount of risk and excitement as betting in any sort of sports would involve. There are only two differences between esports betting and traditional betting, that the game is played indoors and the game is won by brains and not muscles. The outcome of esports betting is the same as any other sports. You bet on a player or a team and if the player or the team wins, you win cash. The market of esports betting is worth almost $13 billion dollars. Need it any more emphasis? Guess no. so let’s move forward to the next segment where we talk about other things related to esports betting. But first, make sure you head over to Aflbettingsite because it’s the best guide for beginners, everything about online betting on eSports you can surely find in there.

Things You Should Know Before You Bet Online on Esports

The most convenient way to bet on esports is through online casino sites. The online casino sites are legal casino site that gives you an insight about the esports betting if you are a newbie. These sites also offer you a casino bonus to bet on your favorite team and player. The casino bonus is given on signing up with the sites. Your only job is to look for professional sites like that offer the best deals. You can bet for fun and win real money in return. Also before signing up, check whether the casino site has got a license with the government of the country, say the USA. There are sites that can help you in finding the best legal casinos for a given country. For example, Canadians can start their search at CanadianNodeposits which is a great site for finding the best legal minimum deposit online casinos in Canada.

Best Online Casino Sites for Esports

Bet 365: this sportsbook site is widely acclaimed as the best casino site for sports betting. The range of market that the site offers is huge and amazing. While other sites only have a market on the winner or the runner up, this site provides a market for the best three and the team and sometimes even on the underdog. All sports possible for betting are covered under this site and the casino bonus is also quite high in comparison to other sports betting sites.

Biggest Esport Tournaments and Games that You Could Bet On

Let’s come to the biggest esports events that the world waits for that takes place once in a year.

  1. Dota 2: with enormous prize money of $181,184,149.42, this tournament attracts more than 2980 Players from around the world and is played in 1126 Tournaments throughout the year.
  2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: another gaming tournament with a humongous amount of prize pool of $77,470,004.37, calling upon around 11620 Players to participate in the annual tournament.

Where You Can Watch the Games

After all the necessary information, the obvious question remains unanswered, where to watch the esports tournaments. Well, you can watch them in any of your favorite platforms. Almost all social media platforms like Youtube, TwitchTV, Facebook Live and many more stream the online esport tournaments live. You may also watch them on the sports site and if you have no time to watch and still like to bet on them, then you can stay updated on the online casino sites. Websites like CasinoDeJeux where you can find thousands of games that you can play for free and win some cash while having fun.