Best MMORPG Games Ever Made

Every person who is attracted to the world of video games has come to feel curious always about a particular genre, which has always been reasons to walk hours and hours of “VICE.” Because it is a magical and immersed world that captivates, coming to want to discover all those areas and secrets. This type of games houses so much so that the level of sociability of some changes, allowing to be more selective especially when choosing friends, as in most cases it has been seen that this type of games develop other intellectual abilities that someone of the common does not have, which from my perspective seems to be outstanding.

The MMORPG also known as Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, which in Spanish would be like, Role-playing Games Massively Multiplayer Online; they are video games that allow the player to connect to a vast and magnificent world, full of riches, with their own culture, economy, market and a great diversity of characters of different races, professions, weapons, among other things. Once you join, you can immerse yourself in such a virtual world and meet friends and increase levels, experience, and get money to improve their weapons, besides challenging other people in PvP environments. In the same way, you organize groups in which you dare to see the world, going through all kinds of dangers and monstrosities in PvM or Player vs. Monster environments, living an almost entirely immersive experience, and why not? Even find your ideal partner and get married.

Well, on this occasion, I’d like to show you what are those of the many MMORPG that at least in my experience as a player of these, have seemed to me, not to mention the best, the most entertaining ones you can be spending a whole day on.

  1. World of Warcraft

The first time I heard about this game, they were in the expansion of the Burning Crusade, but I didn’t want to download it because of its impressive size on disk. Besides that, at that time, it had little internet speed and download that involved hours and hours of using the Internet while the other members of my family could not use the connection. Since it occupied about 20GB and between each expansion that number is doubling, imagine what he might be filling on your hard drive with the Legion expansion., which is the last one they’re about to release this year from Blizzard’s hand officially.

Basically if you don’t have friends, you die, or you’re hardly going to be able to assimilate the extensive existing content that they get out every year, unless you obviously have a lot of patience and all the time in the world to play and explore each of their hidden details of this, alone. The game system is not like any MMO. You should familiarize yourself with the vast majority of options and tools offered by Blizzard in this game, to have minimum playable experience. Not everyone turns out to be experts (not legally) in the first year, the way to make PvP or PvM breaks all the schemes that have a game of this kind. Here you need to be more strategic. You must analyze every move, equipment, and abilities of the enemy. You should know how to find the technique to confront the different bosses of each dungeon (Dungeon) or raid.

World of Warcraft besides all this, it handles the concept of teamwork, just one mistake someone in the group makes and put it colloquially, they all go to hell. That’s why this game for me is ranked first, most of all, its complexity. Once you understand, there will be no human power to separate you, once you know how amazing and exciting the world of this game is, all the other MMORPG died for you. It takes your time and dedication, but with patience, you will be able to play well, besides that the official server, that is, the Blizzard server, is not free. Therefore, you will feel almost sure that they are delivering a quality game always.

  1. Ragnarok Online

Who does not remember one of the most influential MMORPG in the purest anime style, until the year 2006 that was utterly booming, brought directly from Korea and later so that several fans have resorted to install and configure their private server? A personalized for those who wanted to go deeper into it and its history, to have fun with the great and also crowded War of Emperium that were organized in certain days, where you met with your friends of the Guild or Clan, creating the appropriate strategy. As soon as the GM announced the opening of the WoE, everyone threw themselves and ran as if there was not morning, towards the different castles to dominate them. If by “ringing the bell,” the palace did not turn out to be your Guild, there was no lack of the one who began to “bitch” the other members for the mistakes they made, even creating tremendous discord, disagreements and even enemies in real life because of this game.

The game is formed in several episodes. Currently, there are 14, focusing its main story on Nordic mythology in the middle of the war between gods with a more globalized reach due to references to other cultures such as Africa, Japan, Egypt, and China.

Without a doubt one of the best and most fun games I’ve played, the company currently Warpportal is the one who is in charge of this game, despite the fact that Gravity Corp., the company Koreana decided to close the doors to their authoritative servers, it is still gaining popularity internationally and although for strange reasons, among the people of Brazil, this continues to be very popular. There is also a second version of this game, but they had to redo it because it did not meet the expectations of many players, as it did not follow the essence and history of the first version.

  1. LaTale

This, unlike the previous two, has a complete hierarchy of skills and equipment that makes it unique since from four classes of characters; Warriors, Knights, Mages, and Explorers, which, leads to more subclasses depending on the skills you choose in an entertaining and full system game Type-Scrolling 2D, in which a large amount of quests, items. As well as dungeons and bosses that we are challenged all the time, the ideal place to spend funny moments either with friends or solo, although this game is much more entertaining if it is with friends since the vast majority of missions are more complicated if you do them solo.

That’s why LaTale is not just any MMO action RPG, because, from the first moment you start, you will be part of an exciting adventure as you get to know new friends who will help you to raise your level and get equipment, within this vast and beautiful world designed with elegance and intrigue, it is up to you to combine your skills and equipment, to see if you are worthy of fighting alongside the heroic and beautiful Iris, of defending the entire kingdom of Elias from any danger, and why not? Not everything is battling in this game, you can also relax with your friends at the Abio Club, and if the challenges you have do not seem enough to you, you will have to get the different dance skills before entering that club previously.

As I said, as soon as you join this grand adventure, you can choose between four classes, which are:

  • Warriors: they are the expert characters in hand-to-hand combat, they can also handle two-handed swords, spears. They are able to execute attacks that do a large amount of physical damage, can also use swords in a single hand while in the other they carry shields, which in turn can be Warlords or Bladers; a few become experienced in the handling of only the spears, while the other in the processing of all kinds of swords.
  • Gentlemen: they are similar to Warriors, but with a stronger focus on defense, they carry a one-handed weapon and a shield, they are commonly called “tanks” within the game. They can become Knights Templar or guardians
  • Magicians: they can use rods and knives, being able to release large loads of energies in a limited radius doing quite useful damage, but besides having little defense, these can control the four elements: water, earth, air, fire. Magicians can become sorcerers or Bards
  • Explorers: they are the Archers of Elias, capable of using daggers, simple arches, compounds were doing little damage but rapid attacks. They can then be treasure hunters or firearms experts.
  • Engineers: they use a combination of dark magic and technology to create devastating attacks on their enemies.
  • Soul breakers: they use magic even more destructive than engineers.

I used to be the Explorers and Warriors for their impressive versatility at the time of” leveling, “Mobear “and” Farmer,” since in groups, these characters were incredible, while the soul breakers are the most difficult to handle. Since the latter requires to be more strategic at the time of the battle, allowing to define previously what type you will be, from PvM or PvP.