Persona 5

I would like to tell you about this game, but more than I want to do that, I want to not get sued by a game studio, so instead I’ll tell you this: The deaf accessibility in Persona 5 is fine. I have a glowing review of what I would call a master class in deaf accessibility, but in order to show you examples of that, I’d have to break Atlus’ rules, and I don’t do reviews without screenshots.

Yes, I’m aware they’re being so kind as to allow players to stream up to July in the game calendar, but honestly, what kind of company threatens to sue their patrons and fans, right out the gate? They don’t want the story line ruined for people that have been waiting a long time for this game and I get that. But I also understand how to not watch things or read things that I want to remain a surprise.

So instead, here are these images that don’t come with the threat of a lawsuit. And the knowledge that accessibility in Persona 5 is fine. Atlus? Not so fine.

Bottom Line

Persona 5 is fine.